How it Works

House flowers like never before - for just £25!

“Ready to Display”

Our florists expertly make your arrangement, so they are “Ready to Display” for you to just pop into a vase. Beautiful arrangements every time - no floristry skills required!

Choice Of Designs & Loyalty Benefits

Unlike other weekly flower companies who offer no weekly choice - Wonder offer 3 different arrangement styles, with varying colours every week, to choose from! Plus we offer amazing loyalty benefits.

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly - You Decide!

Subscription your way! Choose your frequency and if you want to skip a delivery at any time, then just “pause your account” its as simple as that!

Quick, easy and for just £25 inc. delivery, unbeatable value. So for fabulous flowers at home it’s time to start WONDERING!

Sign up today and receive flowers, a tall and short vase, secateurs and other gifts worth £60 but pay just £25!

Weekly Choice

Take your pick from a changing selection or let us surprise you!

Unlike other weekly flower companies who offer no weekly choice - Wonder offer 3 different arrangement styles every week to pick from!

*Size shown is Wonder’s “Flower Boost” Bouquet

Sign up today and receive flowers, a tall and short vase, secateurs and other gifts worth £60 but pay just £25!


Wondering saves time, gives choice & couldn’t be easier. Our super loyalty treats & benefits make it even better!


You have enough to do! Our trained florists have spent years learning their craft, and do all the floristry work for you. So you can just plonk our arrangements in a vase and do something else with your precious free time.


Some other flower subscription companies give you a choice of one arrangement! Go figure??? We think our customers deserve better and that’s why Wonderers get a choice of 3 arrangements a week.


When we say easy, we mean easy! But if you still dont get it, let’s use the illustration below to explain Wonder’s original “Ready to Display” concept..

I got 99 problems but flowers ain't one


There are 7 levels of Wondering. As you stay Wondering with us, we will elevate you up through the levels entitling you to different perks and treats along the way. Here are the different levels and freebies...

“Fresh” Wonderers

“Fresh” Wonderers have received their FREE vase & first arrangement and remain“Fresh” until reaching the next level, known as “Loyal”.

“Loyal” Wonderers

“Loyal” Wonderers have Wondered for 3 months*, and get a "flower boost" - which is basically a power boost but with flowers - so that’s extra FREE stems in your arrangement each week, as a thank you for being loyal to us

“Birthday” Wonderers

For just one week every year the “Loyal” Wonderer transforms into a “Birthday” Wonderer and gets FREE flowers and a card with lots of xoxo’s.

“Super” Wonderers

A Wonderer becomes “Super” after 1 year* of consistent Wondering. The “Super” Wonderer is entitled to a free houseplant every 3 months. We’ll have your house looking like a mini-paradise in no time.

“Royal” Wonderers

Being a Wonderer doesn’t mean that you exist in a true customer democracy. There is one, and only Wonderer who has privilege beyond all other customers, and like all Sovereigns, their elevated position and life of luxury is based on pure luck not merit.

The “Royal” Wonderer gets free flowers all year round. That’s an arrangement with the “Loyal” flower boost every week without charge. The good news though is that like real Monarchs, they just got a bit lucky, but unlike real world monarchies, every June when the British Monarch has an official birthday, we choose a new “Royal” Wonderer out of the hat. As they say in the Lottery adverts “It could be you!”, but don’t hold your breath, there’s much more chance of becoming a ”Lucky” Wonderer in the short term.

“Lucky” Wonderers

There are Wonderers who become “Lucky” each and every month.

The “Lucky” Wonderer is one who finds the golden flower in their weekly delivery. This golden flower entitles them to great freebies. One month it could be a fabulous colouring book for grown ups and a set of colouring pens, but the next month it could be a luxury 5 star all expenses paid trip (flights, hotels and spending money) to Amsterdam, the centre of the World’s flower trade; where they can see the Tulip fields, the floating flower market and the world famous flower auctions.


Love us and we’ll love you back! Tell your friends and family about us and for every 5 that sign up with us, we will give you a months free flowers.





Can I choose from more than 1 weekly design?



Are the flowers pre-arranged, “Ready to Display”



Does nearly every week’s arrangement include Lillies?



Do I get FREE treats and perks along the way?



How much fun is the brand?


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